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Tyrolean dialect: a crash course

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During your holiday at our Hotel Singer you’ll come across a lot of Tyrolean expressions. Here are the explanations. 

Just like the UK or the US, our region, Tyrol, also has a rich variety of local expressions and words. For example, have you ever heard the word “dirndl”? Of course, it’s the traditional Tyrolean dress. But it can also mean “girl” in this part of Tyrol. You have to pay attention to the context to get the right meaning. And what about the adjective “bärig”? There’s no relation to a bear (which is called “bär” in German). It simply means cool, fantastic, great. If you’re a hiker, then you should definitely know these two words: “scharte” and “kogel”. A “scharte” is a type of gap between two mountains or hills, in most cases it’s rather steep. “Kogel”, on the other hand, means mountain peak. If you want to learn more about our language and our region, come to Singer, our hotel with day spa in Tyrol! Don’t worry, our team speaks English. There’s no need for you to learn German, it’s just for fun! 

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