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Skiing in Berwang has a long tradition

Come with us on a journey to the 1960s.

Everything used to be different – even skiing in Berwang.

Elisabeth Koch was born in 1939 in Berwang. She has been whizzing down pistes since she was only four years old, won countless ski races inside and outside national borders in her youth, and became one of the first state-certified ski instructors in all of Austria in 1965. Anyone who talks to Lisl today learns a lot:
In the past, guests would usually stay for two or even three weeks in Berwang. Parents and their children would visit the local ski school almost every day. In the eyes of the guests, a ski instructor was someone special: they were not only responsible for teaching the skill, but also joined in on the après-ski fun and the "5 o'clock tea" in the Singer Stub'n with live music and dancing. A special highlight has always been sunny skiing in March. Many guests didn’t come to Berwang to ski, but to get hold of one of the coveted loungers along the piste and to work on their tan.” And in our luxury hotel in the Austrian Alps, that has stayed the same to this day.

Storytime with a local from Berwang