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A castle to admire

As one of the most visited castles and palaces in Europe, the so-called “castle of the fairytale king” is a very popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle near our spa hotel in Tyrol was built by King Ludwig II and is still an institution of German cultural history today. The former King of Bavaria had the building created as an idealised representation of a medieval knight’s castle, hence the connection to fairytales and knights of shining armour. Today it is considered a masterpiece of the stylistic period of historicism and well-known all over the world.  Construction work on the castle began in 1869, however, it could not be completed before King Ludwig II died in 1886. The building was opened to visitors just six weeks after the king’s death and now attracts around one and a half million visitors a year. You, too can visit this impressive castle on a guided tour which takes about 30 minutes and can be booked directly at the ticket office on site. Believe us, Neuschwanstein Castle is definitely worth a visit! Are you curious or have any more questions? We are only too pleased to give you any further information!

Neuschwanstein Castle