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Char from Plansee lake with leaf spinach and Madras curry

A real taste explosion!

A wonderful dish that gives insight into the history of your hosts.

Anyone who has ever visited Hotel Singer knows them: the Singer family. Since 1928, they have been running one of the best hotels in the Austrian mountains with lots of passion, reading their guests' wishes from their eyes, and making holiday dreams come true in the picturesque mountain village of Berwang. But did you know that members of the Singer family used to be fishermen? For several generations, the Singer family owned the Heiterwanger See and Plansee lakes as well as all ship and fish rights, fish farming, and a total of up to five surrounding hotels and inns. Johann Singer Sr., the great-grandfather of Florian Singer, was the last fisherman of the family. It’s no accident that the Singer family’s coat of arms carries two fishes swimming towards each other. And one dish on the menu still reminds of this past today: Plansee char with leek, leaf spinach, and Madras curry. Try it and get ready for an experience of authentic indulgence.

Char from Plansee lake with Madras curry