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Children’s wellness in Tyrol

Release your stress!

Calming massages and beauty treatments are not only for adults. Treat your children to a wellness break at Hotel Singer.

Do you remember what your school days were like? It was a time in life where we built many of our most instrumental friendships – and you’re sure to reminisce about a hundred of those exciting and precious experiences as adults often do. But day-to-day school life can also have a tiring side. Back then, you probably came home exhausted and didn't feel like doing your homework or studying for the next exam. And on top of that, you also had to tidy up your room! Can you remember that feeling? As nice as those times were, sometimes we forget that stress because we are now adults. In our 4-star hotel in the Alps near Lermoos, Tyrol, we would like to give our youngest guests a relaxing time-out, just like their parents! With a gentle massage, a little beauty time, or even a simple mani-pedi, your children can enjoy divine relaxation that they too deserve. Treat your little treasure to some time-out.