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Immerse yourself in nature’s healing world

Relaxing, cleansing, revitalising

Let yourself be pampered in a spa world of natural fragrances, processes, and wellness treatments


Our spa hotel in Tyrol not only offers enjoyment of the natural surroundings to calm the mind and relax the body. We also fully appreciate the gifts of herbs, grapes, and minerals that nature provides, and consider it a privilege to reveal their beneficent effects to our guests. Not only do we use sustainable products made from Berwang’s high-altitude herbs, we also incorporate several traditional eastern healing methods, which is why we offer 3 product ranges based on several years of experience: Caudalie concentrates on using the benefits of wine molecules for a fresh and vibrant-looking skin, while the active ingredients in Tyrolean shale oil, originating from prehistoric marine animals and plants, soothe muscles and joints. For a holistic beauty regime Piroche Cosmetics combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, the laws of lymph drainage, and the knowledge of aromatherapy to tackle your skin issues at the root. For those who want to discover more about these gifts of nature and share our dream of holistic beauty, we make sure that you get individual care at its best.

The holistic wonders of nature