Dear guests!

Now it’s official: due to the prolonged lockdown in Austria all hotels and restaurants have to remain closed until the end of February 2021. As much as we regret this fact, we hope that these hard measures will significantly lower  the number of infections in Austria, thus saving precious lives and allowing a certain normality in the soon future.


Subsequently we are envisaging the opening of our hotel, restaurants and SPA on March 1st 2021. And we are so much looking forward to this moment, when we will be again able to welcome our guests and fill our hotel with life and joy. Evidently we will inform you furthermore about our re-opening and the adjusted seasonal opening times.


Our reservations team remains at your entire disposal 7 days a week from 08.30 am until 04.30 p.m. for your request, reservation or just a simple enquiry by dialing +43-5674-8181 or sending us an e-mail to We truly look forward to hearing from you.


By clicking here you can find all the important information about how we will be looking after your safety in our hotel.


Please also have a look at our new  cancellation policy for the winter season 2021.


Trust us and visit us – we are excited to see you and care for you.


Yours sincerely

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The benefits of room design and spa products using Swiss pine.

The Swiss pine: why is it called the Queen of the Alps?

Ever smelt the aroma of Swiss pine and sensed its tranquilising effect or had an aromatic bath lulling you into bliss? No! Sure, you want to miss out?

At our spa hotel in tyrol, we love sharing Mother Nature’s sacred gifts with our guests. Not only do they relish the healing craft from local herbs like Swiss pine, they also benefit from their multi-faceted effects on body and mind. Would you like to know why? For us, the Swiss pine, also known as the Queen of the Alps, is part of our heritage – a natural material our ancestors used to build houses close to nature. You could say, it’s in our blood. Indeed, as you enter your room in our hotel you already sense a calming, protective atmosphere. The heady aroma reduces your heart rate, clears your mind, and helps you to relax – excellent for those who suffer from tension headaches or anxiety, and even insomniacs. Our varied spa treatments with Swiss pine pamper you further with baths and massages to revitalise your skin, detoxify, and boost your immune system. Altogether, a holistic break which relieves a range of respiratory and joint issues as well as providing strength of mind.