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Ski like the locals

Have you ever been skiing in the sunshine?

When do we at Singer like to ski the most? In February and March when the sun shines warmly in the sky!

Can you see it? The mountain air is  refreshingly clear and the white treetops glisten in the warm, inviting sun. When elsewhere the snow and the many winter joys slowly but surely melt away, exciting fun on the pistes around our spa hotel in Tyrol definitely continues. Thanks to the altitude of this skiing area, the snow conditions are excellent until March so your joy of skiing will know no bounds. In addition at this particular time of year, there is firn snow, which is particularly popular with skiers and is the result of the interplay between warming days and cold nights. We recommend whizzing down the slopes already warmed by the sun in the morning. For example, Almkopf Rot descent to Bichlbach, Familienabfahrt Emmne from Sonnalmbahn, and Brunnental piste at Thanellerkar Lift. In the afternoon, head for Rastkopf, where the powdery snow will often still dust your every turn even at this time of year.

Sunny skiing in Berwang