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Spring awakening in Tyrol

White mountain peaks and flowering alpine meadows

Have you ever experienced Tiroler Zugspitz Arena in spring? No? Then it's about time!

Spring – Noun [countable or uncountable]
Season between winter and summer; the time when nature awakens

It takes a long time for the sun to dispel the last traces of winter around our Hotel Singer. But once all the snow has melted, spring is in a real hurry here in the mountains: crocuses sprout from the ground, cowslips start to blossom, and the landscape, which was just hidden under a white blanket, is painted in the lushest shades of green. A real delight on any spring hike is the view of the flowering alpine pastures, while the warm sunrays caress your skin. A stay in our family-run spa hotel in Tyrol is particularly beautiful at this time of year and a true fountain of youth for the soul: you can forget the dreary grey of winter in the city, breathe in the crystal-clear air of the mountains, and smell, feel, and admire nature. After all, it is not for nothing that one speaks of "spring feelings".

Spring awakening