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A single room for your teens…

Want to do your youngster a favour? Then, give them some space and the comfort to relax and recover from recent stress.

Your well-deserved summer holidays in the Austrian Alps wouldn’t be complete without considering the welfare of all your children. While your younger kids are happy to be the centre of attention and more than willing to share a room with you, your teenage youngster may be yearning to escape, to have some space to breathe and relax after many months of distant learning and living on top of each other. How nice it would be to sleep in, spend time with one’s own thoughts, to take in the views, or just hang out on a private balcony without being glued to the family or giving in to the demands of younger siblings. That’s why Hotel Singer is a great place for your teen. Not only can you choose from charming single rooms – an Almkopf youngster room(13m2) with a single bed, balcony facing south, and private bathroom, or Sonnberg room (22m2) with queen-sized bed for that extra leg space. Of course, Wi-Fi is available in all single rooms so your youngsters will certainly be happy, too!

Single rooms for youngsters