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Let us introduce you to …

… our mountains!

Every time you enjoy the view from our hotel or take a nice walk, the mountains are always right by your side. But what are their names?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand where certain names come from. Other times, however, it’s very clear, almost logical.  Here’s an example: Have you ever heard of Plattberg (in English “flat mountain”)? Although its summit is pointed, the name seems to derive from the mountain’s rather flat ridge. And how did the names of Roter Stein (“red stone”) or Vorderer Drachenkopf (“front dragon head”) come about? All these names give us a specific idea of the mountain’s shape and characteristics.
There are some other proper names, however, that are impossible to understand, such as Thaneller or Suwaldspitze. Are you ready to laugh out loud? Here are some rather hilarious peak names. The Lechtal Alps feature Namlose Wetterspitze (“nameless weather peak”), Schafsköpfle (“small sheep head”), and Unheimlicher Kopf (“disturbing face”). Find out more about our diverse mountain world. We look forward to welcoming you in Berwang, in our hotel with day spa in Tyrol.

Our mountains