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The right pillow

How important is the right pillow for a good night's sleep? It’s a must, we’d say!

Every person is unique. And their sleeping position is also just as special. One person may sleep on their back, while another on their side, and someone else on their stomach. For a good, restful sleep, a different pillow is needed depending on your specific sleeping position. This is the only way to prevent tension caused by incorrect posture. And it’s precisely for this reason that our spa hotel in Tyrol offers its guests a pillow menu. During your stay, you can choose your favourite style at no extra cost. So, what can you choose from?

  • The pure nature pillow with temperature-regulating virgin wool and delicate Swiss-stone-pine wood shavings
  • The ergonomic pillow with adjustable height and firmness
  • The fibre pillow suitable for guests with allergies with a filling of polyurethane foam cubes
  • The neck roll pillow for relieving the spine

Simply contact our hotel reception to take advantage of this free service!