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Ice stock sport in Tyrol

Between stick and stave

A piping hot mug of mulled wine, ice under your feet, and just a few metres to the finish line. Let the ice sticks fly!

Although ice stock sport – also known as Bavarian curling (traditional European winter sport) – is highly popular in Austria and Bavaria, it was not invented in either of those areas. The earliest images of a very similar activity were actually found in Scandinavia in the 13th century. Years later in 1936, ice curling was allowed for the very first time at the Olympic Games as a so-called showcase competition. These days, ice stock sport is said to be threatened with extinction because the majority of today's players are around retirement age. That’s why we at Hotel Singer, our hotel in the Austrian Alps, recommend you to try it. Spending time outside in nature’s beauty with company, holding a piping hot mug of mulled wine or tea while honing your skills, and using muscle power as well as passion, we think this sounds like fun! Why not give ice stock sport a try on your next winter holiday with us? Take a crack at this unusual winter sport at Hotel Singer!