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In vino veritas

Our liquid treasure trove

There’s nothing better than toasting to your holidays with a good glass of wine. Our wine cellar will treat your taste buds to a large selection of great bottles.

Get ready for a wine lover’s paradise: the wine cellar of our wedding hotel in Tyrol contains 8,500 bottles of wine from all over the world! All of these wines tell a story, of their terroir, of their climate, and of their wine culture. Every week we organise cellar tours and wine tastings led by our sommelier, Thomas Rückhörmann. He has been in charge of wine selection and our cellar since 1994 – a good vintage! Have you ever tried a blind wine tasting? This allows you to concentrate solely on the taste and aroma of the wine, and you can choose your favourite wine to accompany dinner. For true lovers of fine wines, we can reserve our tasting cellar for an exclusive dinner where you can enjoy our delicacies surrounded by the peace of the cellar. We’ll let you in on a secret: the oldest treasure in our cellar is from the year 1928! It is a Bordeaux Haut Barsac Château Climens. Join us and discover Hotel Singer’s fine wines!

Hotel Singer’s wines