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What a sight and what an experience!

Waterfall experience trail in Ehrwald

Water holds a certain kind of fascination for young and old. But a waterfall? If you linger there, prepare to find some of that sort-after inner peace.

Narrow, high, and imposing – the waterfall near Ehrwald guarantees magically memorable moments for the whole family. It is not just the sight of the waterfall that makes this natural spectacle so unique, but also the invigorating hike up to the waterfall. From our hotel with day spa in Tyrol, drive by car to Ehrwalder Alm car park and from there, follow Gaisbach stream to the waterfall's headwaters. Continue along a narrow footpath to the stunning vantage point (can you imagine the amazing view?), then through the dense forest and over a number of small bridges back to the starting point. Most of the trail is even suitable for prams. Different stops let your children play, splash around, take a dip, explore, and linger. The 3.3-kilometre-long circular trail can be completed in about an hour, requires little exercise, and rewards both young and old with active and lively hours in the fresh air.

Ehrwald Waterfall experience trail