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Traditional festivals and events

Easter traditions in Berwang

Want to experience the magic of Easter in Berwang? From traditional events to unique customs – let yourself be enchanted by the festive celebrations here in the Austrian Alps.


In Tyrol, Easter is marked by a plethora of traditional customs and festivities that are deeply ingrained in the region’s history and culture.

Easter eggs
The artistic tradition of painting Easter eggs – often with intricate designs and vibrant colours – extends well beyond the region’s borders. Historically, natural dyes like onion skins, spinach, or beetroot were used for colouring, while patterns were created with leaves and flowers.
Good to know: Paining Easter eggs is not only a creative form of expression; it also symbolises the arrival of spring and the renewal of life.

Easter fires
On the evening of Holy Saturday, Easter fires (also known as “Paschal fires”) are ignited across certain areas of Tyrol, symbolising a beacon of light that drives away the darkness of winter. Traditionally, the community gathers around these fires, singing songs, sharing stories, and indulging in traditional home-made cuisine.

Easter masses and processions
Easter masses and processions in Tyrol are rich with symbolism and always include bouquets of palm and olive branches, palm catkins, and colourful ribbons. These sacred gatherings hold profound significance for many Tyroleans and serve as poignant commemorations of Jesus’ resurrection and the profound symbolism it carries within the Christian faith.

Easter feasts
In Tyrol, traditional Easter delicacies like sweet Easter braids and Easter bread, called “Osterpinze”, hold great significance. Adding to the festivities is the beloved tradition of egg pecking. Here’s how it works: Two participants each hold a hard-boiled Easter egg and gently tap them against each other. The winner, whose egg stays intact, triumphantly collects both eggs as their prize.

In short: Easter traditions in Tyrol offer a captivating blend of faith, heritage, and community spirit that inspires locals and visitors alike every year.

Easter in Berwang, Austria