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Suspension bridge … I dare you!

Visit the palace that inspired Walt Disney!

Two castles, two totally different experiences. From Austria to Germany, see magical ruins, a fairy tale palace, and enjoy a suspension bridge panorama all in one day!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in splendid castles in the Middle Ages? Neuschwanstein castle and the castle ruins of Ehrenberg are perfect places to explore and expand your understanding of a time gone by. While Neuschwanstein castle was a king’s palace which jumps right out of a fairy tale, the castle ruins of Ehrenberg strike a different chord … what was it like to see the castle in its heyday? Take a day trip and visit these two famed places in Austria and Germany on the same day! Curious? It gets even better. Just a stone’s throw away from Hotel Singer, take an easy drive to Ehrenberg castle and test your courage on the highline179 suspension bridge. Float in a panorama if you dare. Then head to Neuschwanstein castle, a palace that famously inspired Walt Disney’s classic image. Learn about the palace with a guided tour or stroll the lovely grounds with your family. When you return to our 4-star hotel in the alps, unwind at our hotel bar and order a glass of wine from our exclusive in-house wine cellar. You’ll be full of adventure, knowledge, and a little wine before heading to your perfectly soft bed!

Explore castles from Austria to Germany