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Stay cool on hot summer days!

A beginner's guide to cold showers

Brrr ... Cold showers can be a quite chilling experience, but they are a real miracle cure for all kinds of ailments!

Have you ever considered taking a cold shower in our hotel with day spa in Tyrol? No? Then you definitely should! Cold water improves ciruclation, relaxes sore and tired muscles, and provides your body with all the energy it needs! But how does one become a cold shower lover – you might ask? We are happy to tell you:

Step 1:
Start with a wonderfully warm shower to throughly clean your skin and hair.

Step 2:
Switch to luke-warm water. First, rinse of your feet, then your arms, and finally your upper body.

Step 3:
Now set the water to cold and rinse off your legs, arms, and upper body again. No, the water doesn’t have to be freezing cold, you’ll get there with time. And, promise, you’ll absolutely love it!

Step 4:
Dry off your body and snuggle up in your bathrobe.

Important! If you suffer from heart problems or a compromised immunse system, please refrain from taking cold showers to avoid unnecessary stress on your body.