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We will reopen our hotel, restaurants and the SPA on Thursday 25 June 2020

We are delighted to confirm that we are reopening and we want to tell you how we will be managing the hotel, so that you can have every confidence in choosing us for your holiday. 

The Austrian Government has implemented several rules and recommendations for hotels and we will be adhering to them all. 

The special nature of our hotel gives us and you additional advantages to manage any residual concerns about the virus.  For example, our hotel is particularly spacious and airy.  It is spread over 20.000 m2 (5 acres) and is situated in a small village with its own land all around. This enables every guest to have their own safe space either inside or outside the hotel. All of the hotel will be open as usual, including our restaurant and our Spa.

Our Spa is a separate large complex spread over 3 floors. It is 1800 m2 and will be fully operational. In addition to the usual facilities of saunas, steam rooms and treatment rooms, our Spa has outside terraces and spaces to escape into,  as it is set in a landscaped garden overlooking the mountains.  And don’t forget our large indoor and outdoor pools.

In summary, these are the changes that we ask you to observe and what we are doing to help keep our hotel community safe for us all. These measures have been reviewed and approved by Doctor Sallaberger.   He Is the medical doctor whose job it is to ensure the health and safety of everyone in all the hotels in the Tyrol. 



  • DISTANCE - this has become a key word these days. Please try and keep your distance from others in the hotel.  To help you do this we have done the following.  We have moved seats around in the internal areas so you can comfortably sit with space around you.   We will have 100 sunbeds and loungers spread over the Spa, terraces and gardens so we can guarantee there is a dedicated space for each one of our 100 guests
  • Although cleanliness and good hygiene have always been at the heart of what we do, we now have additional measures.  These have been worked out with our heads of departments with the benefit of advice from Johnson Diversy, our hygiene suppliers, so that, for example, we use the correct cleaning products on different surfaces.
  • We have placed additional disinfectant dispensers at various points throughout the hotel. If you pass one - PLEASE USE IT! 
  • Please follow the international advice to wash your hands frequently. Please catch coughs and sneezes in your elbow or a tissue
  • We recommend you to wear a face mask when encountering a gathering of more people than usual.
  • Our staff, when serving you directly, will wear face masks or face shields AND a heartfelt smile
  • DINING - this is easy for us as our large dining room is already divided into 4 distinct and separate areas.  This means that we can seat you as we have always done with plenty of space. It also means that you can dine when you like and we do not have to have operate a timetable of any kind
  • Some aspects of dining will change though. Our breakfast buffet will change to comply with the new safety rules and regulations.  You can still serve yourself - but with a twist.   Let us surprise you!
  • Dinner will be served as usual by our caring staff. 
  • Our Spa - this will operate as before but with some more precautionary measures, such as extra cleaning.  Our daybeds will have more space between them so you can socially distance.  The sauna area will be open from 11am to allow all our guests the opportunity to use the saunas but we will ensure social distancing by restricting the number of guests at any one time.  Our experienced therapists will carry out our soothing massages and invigorating Spa treatments as they have always done - but they will wear face shields.  The treatment rooms will be cleaned thoroughly between each guest.
  • Both pools will be open all day. We have to comply with a regulation which says that each person has to have 6 sqm of space.  From experience, we do not expect this limit to be an issue for us, so please enjoy our pools as usual and swim from indoors to the outdoor pool - in our fresh alpine air



  • Activity programmes - these will be organised by our mountain bike guide Bernhard and our hiking guide Martin and they will ensure social distancing is made easy
  • Our beautiful village of Berwang is in the district of Reutte in the Tyrol.  It is important to know that this area has had the lowest rate of infection since the beginning 

  •  Fresh air.  We have so much of it for you to enjoy!   You do not need to wear face masks anywhere outside so you can enjoy our terraces and extensive grounds without masks.  You can relax in our Alpine Relaxation Gardens.  We are sure everyone will find their favourite spot in the shade or the sun but always with our mountain views and fresh alpine air.
  • And - where better is there to breathe in clean mountain air?   The surrounding Lechtal Ridge gives us stunning views and fresh air - surely the best tonic for a healthy body and soul

We want to tell you what we are doing to keep you safe and to ensure you have a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable stay.  We also want to ask you to do what you can, to ensure the wellbeing of our other guests and the staff team who will look after you. 

Please have confidence in us and we will do all we can - remember
“ Our heart, Your holiday”


With pleasure we are at your entire disposal for all your further questions everyday from 8am – 5pm by calling +43-5674-8181 or my e-mail